Monday, December 7, 2015



The Austrian Christian Fraction of Trade Unionists (FCG), part of the Austrian Trade Union Confederation (ÖGB), campaigns for respect and maintaining the work-free Sunday. For this campaign the FCG has formulated 7 good reasons for a work-free Sunday.

1. Sunday gives the week its rhythm. Without a regular recurring process and interruption, people become ill. Sunday makes the week working like a clock.

2. Sunday is a free day. People do not only live for work. They also must get the time for celebrating life.

3.Sunday is a free day for the whole society. We are thankfull for all those who have to work on that day, but one ensures that this work on Sunday remains an exception and that work on Sunday does not become the rule.

4.The free Sunday represents a boundary between outside and self-determined time and counteracts the trend that all time of living becomes work and consumption time.

5. Sunday is a family and relations day. In times of increasing workload and more flexible working hours, Sunday gets more importance as a day for being together. This possibility should be maintained, also for employees in the retail sector.

6.The free Sunday guarantees time prosperity and quality of life for the whole society. This time of togetherness with others or for themselves need not be negotiated each time.

7. A free Sunday has to be obtained (again) at national and at EU level. Likewise, the public holidays of the individual Member States must be respected as an expression of cultural and religious identity.