Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Journalists in the provinces of Puno  arrive to Juliaca to express their condemnation of the attack against Feliciano Gutierrez Cruz.( La Republica, Peru)

The Latin American Federation of Social and Cultural Communication Workers (FELATRACCS) has been informed about the criminal attack against journalist Feliciano Gutierrez Suca, correspondent of the newspaper "La República" in the city of Juliaca, Peru. FELATRACCS condemned the act and at the same time called on governments in the region to do everything possible to stop this new wave of blood that has been unleashed in this part of the American continent to the detriment of the freedom of press.
Recently on the 5th of November, Gutierrez was attacked  by four men with fire arms wearing hoods, taking advantage of the night to shoot him at close range while grabbing his camera and mobile phone on which he kept actual information material.
All this is part of a sequel of attacks against journalists in Peru. The journalists Julio Castillo, Pedro Flores Silva and Jose Oquendo Reyes have been killed this year by unknown persons. In this way Peru joins Mexico and Colombia, where drugs trafficking and organized crime perpetrate these crimes until now without being captured by governments.
Because of this spiral of violence the situation has become uncertain. On November 1, in Chile, an explosive device was placed against the premises of the newspaper "La Tercera"  of the Copesa Group, whose unions are members of FELATRACCS. The incident occurred in the early morning hours. The police has a video that gives hope that the criminals can be captured.
Another incident occurred on October 28 in San Pedro de Sula, Honduras, where the journalist Eddie Andino from TV Channel 6 was attacked by four thugs, who shot him with firearms from a moving car. He has injuries to his legs and back. This year alone in Honduras died 5 journalists in full exercise of their profession.
In Cordoba, Argentine, journalist Maria Gracia and cameraman Raúl Martín Vicessi from Channel 12, were shot dead while filming outside a house in the outskirts of the city and interviewing a female victim of harassment, aggression and assault.
It should be stressed that so far in Latin America a total of 21 journalists have been murdered.


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