Friday, June 29, 2012


A new house for KRIFA

Some trade unions do it better than other trade unions like for example the Danish Christian Trade Union Confederation KRIFA affiliated to WOW. They grew out of their headquarters in Randers, Denmark and decided therefore to build a new headquarters  in the city of Aarhus, not far from Randers. The new KRIFA house is build on the concept of the four elements earth,  water, fire and air. The short YouTube film gives you an artists impression of the new building.

The wind as shown in a ballet based on the four elements during the opening of the new KRIFA house. 

It was of course no wonder that at the official opening of the building on thursday 21 of June these four elements played a very important role in the opening show. All those who were involved in the construction of the new building, all people working at KRIFA and international guests were invited tobe present at the ceremony of the official opening.

Singers, together with the orchestra made from the opening a joyful happening

During the official opening the guests were invited to take a look at the offices and to see by themselves how the KRIFA staff is working and at the same time enjoying the new building. It needs no explination that the building has been designed according the latest ideas on working conditions like open offices with open spaces to meet together. There is even a special space for creative sessions. 

During the dinner, staff members took a break outside in the evening sun.

After the formal opening all staff members from KRIFA were invited for a dinner that ended with a demonstration of tango dancing which also could be practised by those who liked dancing. 

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  1. ICongratulation KRIFA for the fantastic building.
    It is really great!
    Hopefully one day can see it directly