Wednesday, January 9, 2013


On the head of the demonstration goes the leadership of the trade union of Razvojna banka Vojvodina and of BOFOS. 
On December 20, 2012 in Novi Sad (Serbia) the Trade Union Organization of Razvojna Bank of Vojvodina and the federation SS Bofos organized demonstrations with the slogan “Let our voice be heard” to express their protest against the decision of the Provincial Government of Vojvodina and the government of Serbia to close down Razvojna Bank of Vojvodina because of the Bank’s large indebtedness. This means that employees of the Bank will literally be thrown out in the street. The protesters got together in front of the Central Bank and then proceeded to the seat of the government of Vojvodina. The protest was supported by a considerable number of other unions both by their participation in the protests and/or by telegrams and letters of support. 

At the meeting with the Provincial Minister of Finance both unions have presented their demands related to employees’ protection that is, implementation of social plan providing guaranties of a decent severance pay as well as protection for the most vulnerable employees. The Minister said the aims presented by the Union were basically normal and it was the interest of Vojvodina to solve the issue of employees’ position in an adequate way.

As a result of the protest and the meeting with the Minister the Provincial government agrees that the Bank prepares a social plan for the employees. The Union will follow the implementation of the agreement and undertake necessary activities in order to have all demands realized.

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