Friday, February 28, 2014


The WOW delegation on the road from Lomé to Accra.
At the meeting of the World Board last year, Vice President Koffi Zounnadjala invited the World Board to visit Africa. It was a long time ago that members of the World Board had visited the continent. In February, the time had come. On Tuesday, February 18th, a delegation consisting of WOW President Roel Rotshuizen, Executive Secretary Bjorn van Heusden and World Board Member Piet Nelissen left to Accra the capital of Ghana. In collaboration with the Pan African Federation of Employees PFE a tight schedule was drawn up of visits, talks and meetings in as many as three countries: Ghana, Togo and Benin.

The day after our arrival at Accra, Ghana we were received by Beatrice Frimpong (on the right), Secretary General of the Ghana Hairdressers and Beauticians Association, and some apprentice hairdressers. The Association is affiliated to the Pan African Federation of Employees. Behind Beatrice you see WOW World President Roel Rotshuizen. After the informal gathering we drove inmediately to Lomé, Togo which is a four hour drive followed by the necessary formalities at the border. We would come back to Ghana on saturday evening so we could be present at the manifestation on sunday where some 80 apprentices will receive their diplomas.

On the border of Ghana and Togo we were received by Koffi Zounnadjala, Vice President of the WOW World Board, Secretary General of the PFE and the National Federation of Employees FENET, affiliated to the Togolese confederation CSTT.

On our arrival in Lomé, the capital of Togo, we were welcomed by about  hundred members of the General Assembly of FENET at the roof top meeting room of the CSTT office. We felt immediately at home. 

After the meeting we spoke with  Secretary General Ayikoué Tevi (left) of the CSTT in his office. Next to him sits WOW World President Roel Rotshuizen, followed by Bjorn van Heusden, Executive secretary of WOW. On the right Koffi Zounnadjala, WOW Vice-President, Secretary General of the Pan African Federation of Employees (PFE) and Secretary general of the National Federation of Employees FENET.

An informal chat with members of the Union of security guards affiliated to FENET.

The next day we had a meeting with the Executive Committee of the FENET in the combined office of the PFE and FENET.

WOW President Roel Rotshuizen and PFE Secretary General Koffi Zounnadjala photographed at the office of Koffi.

There was a lot of interest of the press and even the national TV for the press conference that was given after the meeting with the Executive Board of FENET.

Special questions for the WOW President. In the afternoon we left Lomé for another long drive to Cotonou, the capital of Benin.

Our first meeting the next day was with Uzziel Twagilimana, Project Technical Adviser of CNV Internationaal and World Solidarity, in his office in Cotonou.

In the building the  "Bourse de Travail"  in the centre of Cotonou we spoke with Pascal Todjinou (between Koffi and Roel), Secretary General of the confederation CGTB. Pascal told us about the strike of teachers since december last year. Social tensions in Benin are rising because the government rejects to start a social dialogue with the trade unions. The trade unions fear for more repression in the future.

In the same building we were received in the office of Noël Chadare (behind his desk), Secretary General of the Benin confederation COSI.

After this meeting we had a meeting with the board members of the Trade Union Federation of Employees of Benin with President Amavi Dégué in the private sector of COSI together with the president of COSI.

We had decided to drive back to Lomé by daylight. The roadworks made driving in the evening to Lomé very difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Our passports were checked once again by police officers at the border of Benin towards Togo. Although in Ghana, Togo and Benin a lot of people speak the same native language Ewe, the border control between these countries is severe with a lot of paper, stamps and signatures.

Saturday, after having had some rest in Lomé, we drove back to Accra. On sunday morning we  had together a working session in the restaurant of our hotel.

After enjoying a lunch in the house of Secretary General Beatrice Frimpong we went in the afternoon to the manifestation of the Ghana Hairdressers and Beauticians Association organized for the students who had succeeded for the diploma of hairdresser. The students presented themselves to the public consisting of family and friends, by way of a common dance.

The Board Members of the Ghana Hairdressers and Beauticians Association presented themselves also by way of a dance together with some guests of FENET from Lomé . It was a very cheerful and colorful happening full of hope for the future.

Of course WOW President Roel Rotshuizen together with Vice President Koffi Zounnadjala were invited to speak also some words during the manifestation.

Late Sunday evening we flew back home.


  1. That probably was a most inspiring visit

  2. Mooie foto's zeggen vaak meer dan een eindeloos betoog. Kees

  3. Félicitations Peter, vous avez fait un bon travail!

  4. It was really a great experience to have you here with us and also have your blog updated with photos of such events.
    We will send you photos and videos of the next passing out ceremony scheduled for 30th March, to keep our blog more colourful.
    Long live GHABA!!!
    Long live FPE!!!
    Long live WOW!!!

  5. It was really great to have you here with us especially during the passing out of 60 young grandaunts.
    We will help keep our blog more beautiful and colourful by sending you updates on the next session, scheduled for 30th March.
    Long live GHABA!!!
    Long live FPE!!!
    Long live WOW!!!

    1. Hi Beatrice.
      Indeed it was great. We welcome always updates.
      Long live Ghaba, FPE and WOW!