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The Kiev Maidan Place these days of the Revolution of Dignity, Eurorevolution or Euromaidan.

VOST “VOLYA” (VOST) receives solidarity messages and support from trade unions from all over the world for the just struggle of the Ukrainian people for decent life and decent work in free, democratic, really independent, prosperous Ukraine

Information message of the All-Ukrainian Union of Workers Solidarity VOST “VOLYA” (VOST) of 03 February 2014

The Revolution of Dignity which is named Eurorevoltion or Euromaidan too, showed aspirations of Ukrainians both from the West and the East to decent life and decent work in their free, democratic, really independent, prosperous Ukraine to the whole world. The longing for freedom is so strong that any sacrifices of patriots, any sadist NKVD repressions, any severe frost can stop it. The occupation illegitimate criminal oligarchic regime of bloody dictator Yanukovych surpassed itself in its crimes against the Ukrainian people and showed that it doesn’t only kill and disable but it also became terroristic because it grabbles innocent people straight at streets and uses them as hostages to intimidate while this regime imitates the so-called negotiations with the opposition.

In this tragic situation democratic trade unions of the world send declarations of solidarity with the Ukrainian people to VOST “VOLYA” and persuade their countries of the necessity of more efficient practical pressure by the world community against the regime.

Olexandre Dzhulyk, President of VOST "VOLYA" (picture taken at the  'European Social Week seminar' held in  Belgium, January 2014) 

NSZZ “Solidarnosc” (Poland) which began the age of renewing democracy not only in Poland but in the whole Eastern Europe expresses the solidarity with Ukrainian workers and emphasizes in the declaration of the National Commission concerning the situation in Ukraine: “The catastrophic economic and social situation in Ukraine is a result of unskillful policy of the government and the president’s administration, an oligarchic economy, corruption and lack of democratic procedures, first of all lack of authentic social dialogue… We call the authority of Ukraine to stop repressions against the society… NSZZ “Solidarnosc” declares the complete support for European aspirations of Ukraine and will cooperate with Ukrainian free trade unions… which want that Ukraine would join the EU”.

ZR of NZSS “Solidarnosc” in Gdansk (Poland) – a city that is a cradle of NSZZ “Solidarnosc” - expresses solidarity with aspirations of the Ukrainian people and remembers in its declaration it addressed to the president of VOST “VOLYA” Oleksandr Dzhulyk: “The history has showed that democracy can’t be prisoned, stopped by police cordons, damped by a police stick…Therefore we remember the authority of Ukraine that a modern state which will have its place in Europe, with its standards and democratic life model, can be built by listening to the voice of society.” There are also important words of Pope John Paul II in the declaration: “People is always right in a controversy between the authority and people”.

In the middle Yuri Kurilo, Vice-President of VOST "VOLYA". (Picture taken at the Seminar "What reasons do have trade unions to exist in a market with a declining support?" held in Denmark, february 2013.)

The Spanish Trade Union Confederation “Union Sindical Obrera” (USO) declares its support of Ukrainian citizens, workers, VOST in their struggle for freedom and free choice of their future. “Freedom doesn’t bring in coincidence with the policy of repressions. We watch the events in Ukraine attentively and are ready to help You in satisfaction of Your just demands” - Spanish trade union tells in its declaration.

The Democratic League of independent trade unions of Hungary (LIGA) “expresses its concern about the escalating situation in Ukraine and sends its solidarity to the workers. We would like to express our worry about the violence the peaceful street actions triggered by the side of the government and hope that the democratic tool of demonstrations and strikes will not lose their force in the future as a consequence.”

The World Organization of Workers (WOW) – with the headquarters in Brussels, Belgium – declares the “full solidarity to the trade union VOST-VOLYA and to the Ukrainian people” in its declaration and underlines that VOST “VOLYA” has always protected rights and interests of Ukrainian workers and now it struggles for political changes for new democratic Ukraine. “The Ukraine is part of Europe and an important partner for Europe. Through the activities of the opposition it has become clear, that the people want to be part of Western Europe and the European Union and are opposed to president Yanukovych and thus against the dictate of Russia”- the WOW declares.

The Austrian National Christian Trade Union FCG/CPA-djp emphasizes that “Christian values connect our two trade unions” and expresses the support for the Ukrainian people and activists VOST “VOLYA”, participants of Eurorevolution. FCG/CPA-djp supports the necessity of democratic changes in Ukraine and declares: “It is time for a change of power in the Ukraine. Democracy and liberty should become lived values. The undermining of human rights must come to an end.”

Reference. VOST “VOLYA” (VOST) is an independent democratic trade union association, whose activity is based on the universal principles of Christian morality. Trade union organizations that formed VOST have operated since 1989, and Trade union “VOLYA” was the first in Ukraine free inter branch union. VOST unites more than 150000 members and is a membership organization of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). VOST comes out for the trade union reform in Ukraine and implementation of the motto “The 21st century – new trade unions”. Oleksandr Dzhulyk is the VOST president. The VOST “VOLYA” headquarters are located in Lviv.

Information center of the VOST “VOLYA” (VOST), tel. +380 63 407 72 98

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