Friday, March 15, 2013


Every beginning is difficult, even that of a manifestation. It's cold (about 3 degrees) and it begins to snow.

Below some pictures of the European protest manifestation that the ETUC has held on Thursday 14 March in Brussels during the two-day summit of European leaders in the same city. The ETUC calls for less austerity and more growth through investment. For European leaders a dilemma. Excessive deficits in national budgets provoked reactions from distrustful international capital, which ultimately may threaten the existence of the Euro and consequently destabilize the whole European economy . But rising unemployment due to the economic crisis leads also to ever greater social tensions that ultimately could threaten the democratic stability of Europe. What to do? It seems that Europe stands with its back against the wall.

This red cowboy hood men believes in victory for the union

The unions do not give up and continue to advocate for a more social Europe. It looks more and more European leaders in particular Herman Van Rompuy, President of the core European Council of Heads of Government, and José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, realize that time is running out. During the summit, they called the Government urgently to work on the arrangements made to reduce unemployment, especially those among the young.

The first men with flags are coming on the square. These are from the Belgian socialist federation ABVV / FGTB, flemish part.

Snow is falling while there is still a lot of snow on the ground. 
However serious, a modern trade union manifestation has also something of a little festival hence the pop musicians on stage. They do forget the cold and the snow.

The Belgian trade union movement is colorful because every organization has its own color: socialists in red, Christians in green and liberals in blue

As a good host, the Belgian trade unions ensures free french fries, soft drinks and beer.
The Greeks may suffer most from the economic crisis, they present a small folklore festival, even when it is snowing heavy.
Some use the opportunity to give their protest a carnivalesque face

Their carnavalesque painted faces makes them look even more serious.

The Czech delegation comes from far but is no less cheerful.

The workers of the Belgian Ford factory in Ghent and Arcelor metal in Liège on stage require extra attention for their cause. Their factories are closed together with the suppliers.

It's the capital that is expensive not the unemployed, says the sign of this serious looking woman.

The union band cheers the crowd. Like magic it stops snowing.
Young unemployed from Grand Duchy Luxembourg show clearly on a symbolic way that they have no future without employment
These Polish nurses look worried about their future.
It is a doubtful gesture of victory but it is still there.
For a Better Europe. The Red Anger!!!

Some official speakers are boring but it looks if this one gets light and support from Heaven.

Are we witnessing the beginning of the revolution?
Things are becoming hot like this protest fire of the metal workers of Arcelor Liège
Some take precautions and immediately cover their face with a scarf against the black smoke.
Red meets Blue.

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