Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Troops of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) activated tear gas against workers of Orinoco Steel "Alfredo Maneiro" who marched to the headquarters of caravan CORE 8 in Bolivar state.

Statement of the United Trade Unions for Action UAS.
Solidarity with the workers of the steel company Sidor
and repudiation of the package of measures.

1. First was there the disqualification of the Sidor workers who struggle for the renewal of the collective agreement, by the member of parliament Cabello, accompanied by Rangel Gomez and even the President of the government oriented trade union confederation; and then came the brutal repression of the military against the legitimate right of the steel workers to protest.

2. There were several wounded comrades caused by firearms during the peaceful protest of workers, which shows that the government addresses labor unrest with military repression instead of negotiations and dialogue.

3. UAS deplores such reprehensible actions of the employer-State and expresses at the same time our unconditional solidarity with the steel workers, with their trade union SUTISS and the united actions taken by the movement of Guyanese workers. This government is not at all for the working man, on the contrary, its actions in Sidor as well against the labor protests in general, show a most rancid militarism, a contempt for human rights, democracy, and in particular autonomy, freedom of trade union association and the rights to collective bargaining and to strike.

Sidor workers burn tires to require discussion of collective agreement

 The repression against the iron and steel workers intends to terrorize the workers and the trade union before the implementation of the package of adjustments by the Government for all Venezuelans.

1. The government's economic policy has been a complete failure. With the highest oil revenues ever in its history, the country is in ruins. Inflation, shortages of basic food, medicines and inputs essential to the provision of households and for the operation of industry and commerce have become chronic. Insecurity is getting worse every day. The government has wasted a fortune and national production is almost a fiction, to the point that nearly all goods we consume are almost all imported. After 15 years of alleged revolution the country depends on oil, but the national oil company PDVSA itself is dilapidated, converted into a large and small cash box of the government.

2. The wages, the benefits and in general, the savings of workers and social security funds dissolve as salt in water. The government uses the devaluation of our savings to fund its erratic economic policy and now intends to satisfy its voracious appetite with an adjustment plan that threatens to continue worsening the conditions of life and work of the Venezuelans.

3. The President has announced his intention to increase the price of gasoline. He calls for a "national debate" on the issue. As is their custom their chatter does not pass their own range of statements. It is intended that the workers and the people support such measures, as if the preceding ones have served for something. How many times there have been devaluations? What remains of the strong bolivar?

4. As United Trade Unions for Action we conclude that what is in crisis, is the economic model with its lack of investment and mono production. To pretend to increase the price of gasoline without an objective and serious discussion about the way the oil company PDVSA is managed and administrated, is like treating a terminal illness with an aspirin.

5. For workers the key is the design of an economic policy that is centered around the creation of stable jobs, well paid, with guaranteed labor rights (freedom of trade union, collective bargaining, strike) and an efficient social security system. We advocate a redefinition of the use of oil revenues in which workers participate. A portion of those funds should be devoted to guarantee the savings of workers and social protection.

6. Rising gasoline prices, as has been proposed, would only serve to fatten the treasury with bolivars and to continue wasting money.

7. We require a democratic and open debate about the whole package of measures, about oil and the oil company PDVSA. We will tour the country to convene meetings in the different regions of the country and on the workplaces –private and public sectors - to inform and discuss with the workers, to undertake actions in defense of their rights and interests.

Against the policy of hunger of the government, we want a change of course.

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