Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Paul Tennassee was invited by the World Organisation of Workers WOW to speak on the World Financial Crisis during a European seminar held in EU country Cyprus sponsored by EZA. You see Paul in the centre. On the left you see WOW President Roel Rotshuizen. Between Paul and Roel sits WOW Boardmember Piet Nelissen. WOW Executive Secretary Bjorn van Heusden sits on the right.

Trade Unionist and Academic Paul Tennassee was invited by President James M McGee of the National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees NAPFE to write the history of his union. NAPFE has already a long history. It was founded in 1913. So in two years more it will celebrate its centennial. Paul hopes to present in August 2013 a book with the complete history of 100 years of NAPFE.

Recently Paul presented his book on the history of NAPFE from 1913 until 1945 during an interview on the TV station CaribNation. The interview with Paul can be seen and heard on YouTube. It takes you less than half an our to get to know better Paul and of course the history of NAPFE. It is a very interesting history because this trade union history is interwoven with that of the struggle against racism in the United States.

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