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Three WOW affiliated trade union federations in Latin America organized at the end of September ‘The Third Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Coordination of the World Organization of Workers’ (CLAC – WOW) in Lima, Peru on “ Trade Union Movement, Employment, Decent Work and Social Dialogue”. 

 The delegation of the Latin American Federation of Bank Employees (FELATRABS) in Lima

Traditionally the meeting started with separated board meetings of each of the participating Federations. In the afternoon the coordination meeting was opened with greetings of president Roberto Mejia of FELATRACS, also president of the National Association of Journalists of Peru (ANP) that hosted the meeting, president Maritza Chireno of FETRALCOS, Miguel Duche of FELATRABS and WOW president Roel Rotshuizen. 

 The majority of participants stayed in the building of the ANP, where they had breakfast together.

Participants came from all over Latin America like Argentine, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Curacao.
In the afternoon all participants visited the University 'Jaime Bausate y Meza'. This university was founded by the ANP with the aim to offer a highly qualified training for journalists working in all kinds of social media and other media-related professions.  Recently the Peruvian Government has recognized the university officially as an academic institution.

The Symphony Orchestra of the National Police of Peru

At the end of the afternoon the Symphony Orchestra of the National Police of Peru gave a special concert for the participants of the meeting and the students of the university. 

 Popa Matamula, Tanzania.

After the concert an exposition of cartoons “ Freedom of Press in the World” at the University 'Jaime Bausate y Meza' was officially opened
On the left site Dr. Angel Garcia Peres from ISCOD-UGT-Area Andina. On the right Guillermo Derma of the ILO in Peru.

The next day in the morning some excellent speakers introduced the themes of the seminar. Dr. Angel Garcia Peris talked about "New times to come for the trade union movement", Guillermo Dermo about "Employment and decent work"  and Daniel Pujol Garcia, also from the ILO office in Peru, talked about "Social dialogue as the key to human development". 

The speeches were followed by lively debates

After these debates in the afternoon the participants approved a declaration on employment, decent work and social dialogue.

October 1, a special day for Peruvian journalists.

 WOW President Roel Rotshuizen visiting the radio studio of ANP in Lima

By Peruvian law the first of October has been declared as “the Day of the Journalist”.
The day started with a visit to the radio studio of ANP in Lima that covers all of Peru.

A wreath of flowers of the ANP is placed on the monument commemorating the martyrs of Uchurruccay.

Following was a commemoration of the 8 martyrs of Uchuraccay on the graveyard ‘El Angel’ in Lima. 

 De seminar participants waiting to start the commemoration at the graveyard 'El Angel" in Lima.

In 1983 seven journalists and their guide were murdered during their visit to the pueblo Uchuruccay in the Peruvian mountains were days before many innocent citizens were murdered. A special committee presided by the famous Peruvian novel writer Vargas Llosa did not succeed to clarify who murdered the journalists. 

Next to the commemoration a Holy Mass was celebrated in a church in the centre of Lima. The Holy Mass was dedicated to the two members of parliament and former journalists who took the initiative in 1951 to present a national law declaring the first of October as a special day dedicated to all Peruvian journalists. 
At a special meeting in the afternoon, police reporter Juan Marcos Martinez was honored by ANP President Roberto Mejia for his dedication to journalism.

 Police reporter Juan Marcos Martinez sitting at the left. ANP President Mejia standing in the middle.

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